Gym schedule:

We are a private training facility. To ensure our athletes get our coaches undivided attention, our lessons are by appointment only. Our athletes train here only after having gone through an introductory lesson and having gone through our beginners course. Of course, we always welcome new members and visitors. If you are looking to try us out before you buy, we recommend you schedule an introductory lesson. we value your time, so we arrange these by appointment only too.

Click here to schedule an introductory lesson. or call us at 320-493-2231 for more information.

Drop-ins (Active CrossFitters only) Cost per session: $15

We encourage CrossFit visitors to drop in! Whether you’re working out in your garage gym or you are from another CrossFit affiliated gym – if you need your WOD fix, give us a call at 320-493-2231 or e-mail ahead of time, We’d love to have you here!

Athletic training

For competitive athletes at the high school and college level or any athlete looking for that edge over the competition, we offer strength & conditioning training that will improve your athletic performance and help prevent injury. It’s an established fact that all athletes whether endurance runners, bicyclists, tennis players or team sport players, all benefit from a dedicated strength & conditioning program. We also offer team training opportunities! Contact us for more details!


CrossFit St. Cloud supports our first responders, servicemen and women. We offer a 20% discount on all our programs for law enforcement officers, firefighters and active duty military.

You can read more about these foundational CrossFit movements here in this free CrossFit Journal article.

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