Leah R.
”I’ve been going to LevelOne for about a month now. I decided to go because I needed more than just the usual work out at the gym. I found myself stuck in a rut with routine and lack of challenge. My body was at a stalemate.
In just a month I’ve gained strength in places I never knew existed. I experience that ‘wonderful ache’ the next day which tells me my body is experiencing new things plus advancing which is exactly what I needed. Most of all I’ve gained self confidence. The coach as well as the other members have been encouraging me to push myself and hold me accountable which is something else I wanted in my physical fitness lifestyle.
I’m not set out to be some gym guru but I sure am improving with every session for my personal well being…and that’s all I need. Finally, an addiction worth getting addicted to.”
Greg H.
”I joined LevelOne 5 months ago looking for a new format on which to work out and stay healthy. The big name gyms were just getting old and un-motivating, I needed a new outlet. I looked at all the gym gymes around st. cloud. LevelOne won my heart because of the environment. it wasn’t a fancy globo-gym or even a gym gym loaded with sponsor names on the wall,  it was “raw”. I could tell that when people came here they came here to work. If Rocky Balboa did gym it would be here. Needless to say I was hooked.
The atmosphere and positivity couldn’t be any higher than here. The guy or girl next you is always pushing you to your limits and then some while you’re doing the same for them.In the last 5 months I have improved my strength and endurance tenfold. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and also played college baseball, I can honestly say that I am healthier and stronger now than at any of those times in my life.  My fitness, health and gym have become more than just a hobby it has become my way of life.”
Amy M.
”I get nervous before every session of bootcamp because I never know what Coach Tim has in store for us. I know it will be hard and will push me to my limits but at the end of every bootcamp session I feel accomplished! And it is that sense of accomplishment that keeps me coming back. I have only just started bootcamp but I am already finding that I am much stronger than I thought I was and that has been a great boost to my confidence.”
Scott Z.
”I’m a husband and father of two. My overall exercise routine has always been good to say the least. I enjoyed running and going to my local fitness center on a regular basis but found that my workout routine was simply just that “routine” and I was not getting to a fitness level that I wanted to be at. My wife joined gym three months prior to my drinking the gym Kool-Aid and I was amazed at her progress, strength, positive attitude and physique during those first three months. I needed a change and wanted results like my wife was experiencing (love you honey J). gym has proven to be the answer for me.
Fast forward, four months later and I find myself looking forward to every opportunity to get into the gym and train with the gym membership and Staff.  I am excited to say that gym has provided me a new standard of fitness to strive for and I am seeing amazing results even at the young age of 46. My wife and I find ourselves often discussing the WODS and having great conversations together and with the membership and staff surrounding the subject of exercise, diet and gym.”
Nancy A.
”I originally started gym to help with my hockey game.  It has definitely helped my speed and strength which is great when you’re playing hockey in your 40’s!  I have stayed with it for 14 months now because I really enjoy it – Tim has created a great environment, he is encouraging and I like the group size.
When I broke my leg playing hockey, he was able to create a program that I could still do which was terrific and really above and beyond what I expected. Due to his help I was back playing within 2 weeks of getting my cast off.  My only regret…that because of my work schedule I can only do 2 days a week instead of 3 or 4!”
Rick S.
”After a very active lifestyle, running, basketball, golf…etc., I went through cancer surgery and radiation treatment and was very inactive for about 2 years. While trying to get back into shape following this inactive period, I found I had little, if any motivation and was not getting any better. I heard about gym through a friend of mine and was looking for sessions where someone would help me back into better shape. With some anxiety, I signed up for an entry session and just knew I had to continue to see if this would work.
After session #1, I found out I couldn’t do a pull-up without aid, I couldn’t do more than 5 push-ups without stopping, no rope climb, no tire flip, barely any weight on the bar.  I was in sad shape. The people I met were supportive, helpful and kept saying,  ‘we pretty much started the same way’ and ‘ just wait, it’s gets better’.
That was August 2012.
Today I am grateful and glad I stuck it out. I’m 57 years old, and while not a superman, I am in much better shape than I was a year ago. I am able to do up to 10 pull-ups consecutively.  I can do many more push-ups. I can climb the rope, using only arms.  In fact, I never thought I could regain the level of fitness I am at today, based on where I was.  I am stronger, sleep better, have more energy – many of the things I wanted to accomplish. I am challenged personally and professionally, while still working at my pace, with my goals in mind.
I like the gym because it’s not fancy, but a challenging and very rewarding place, with friendly combatants of all levels working out. I enjoy the atmosphere, the people and sense of accomplishment.”
Kaleah M.
”I started gym February 1st of this year. I have been a dancer all of my life. Like literally since I started walking, I have danced. I have pushed myself to be the best and in front row center since my first dance class. I competed, performed and achieved many things through my dance career. I am a person who needs a stage. I need purpose and way to express my rage, fear and joy.
Graduating from college left me with little options for dance and few outlets for my competitive nature. gym is my new stage. There is no audience, but I am now a part of an even  more amazing team. We compete against ourselves and encourage one another to be the best we can be. gym is for the elite; for those who need a challenge and want to reach their full potential. I am now stronger, faster and more confident than I have ever been. I am capable of many things that I didn’t know were possible. I am so thankful for this outlet and truly can’t imagine ever being without it.”
Holly E. 
”I ended up at gym because I was frustrated. I was 42 years old. I worked out a lot (training for a 50-mile bike ride, aerobics on my lunch hour, and weight training three times per week) and I obsessively watched what I ate. In fact, I was eating a largely raw-food diet. I went to the doctor and discovered that I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life, and I decided something had to give. Literally a few hours after that weigh in, I signed my husband, Jason, and I up for our freebie “intro” session with Tim.
We showed up that Saturday morning feeling a bit cocky. We worked out. We were in shape. My husband was mostly worried that Tim was going to yell at us a lot. Me? I was more curious than anything. I had dutifully read about CF online and, although, I didn’t buy all of the propaganda, I wanted to see what was involved.
The “intro” killed us.  I got what I now refer to as “rigor mortis of the legs”. I mean, I could not bend at the knee for three days afterwards. Our response wasn’t that it was too hard and we were too old; our response was: if it is that hard, then we are not in the kind of shape we thought. So, when Tim called on Monday to ask us if we were interested in signing up, we said “yes”. Jason said he seemed surprised.
Within the first two weeks, we each lost 10 pounds! Since then, I have read countless articles about the need for high intensity training once you reach (cough, cough) middle age. You just can’t stick to the routine that worked in your twenties and expect the same results. Our bodies have continued to trim and gain definition. My butt has dutifully scooted back to where it belongs.
We have been with Tim and gym St Cloud for almost two years. I have travelled quite a bit and worked out at gym affiliates in Maine, Alabama, Florida, Germany and Ukraine, and I am here to tell you that none of them are like a Tim workout. He is a great motivator and knows just when to push. His workouts are a fully-packed hour- no dawdling! And varied. Like all gym affiliates, he keeps the atmosphere friendly, open and supportive.”
Justin H.
”I Joined gym St Cloud after attending a introductory lesson that kicked my ass. Since joining I have notice gains in my strength, endurance and recovery time. In two months after joining I ran my first 5K, and now run on my off days.
My motivation to advance is reinforced by the constructive atmosphere generated from the other members and  Tim, the owner and coach. Tim always makes sure that the training is challenging and stimulating for all skill levels, and he doesn’t mind the evil thoughts one has towards him during especially rigorous workouts! I’m glad I found this training regimen and a comfortable place to improve my health and ‘ninja skills’. Now, most WODs still kick my ass… it just takes a little longer.”
Tami S.
”It all began with my husband signing up for gym.  I watched as he got amazing results.  He convinced my oldest daughter, Angela to go to boot camp and that was all it took!  They both are seeing amazing results in a very short period of time.
For years, I went to a gym to lift weights, road the stationary bike, walked or ran on the tread mill with some results.  I was working out 5 days a week.  I did see some results but not great results.  My scheduled changed and I stopped going all together.  I needed to get going again but found that I was not willing to go back to what I had done before.
I am now going to boot camp!  This is my third week and I am seeing results! I feel better, stronger, and I have more energy.  I sleep better and that is a big change for me.  I have struggled with not being able to sleep through the night and now I sleep soundly and wake to the alarm.  My core is getting stronger, my muscles are definitely building.  I believe that my balance, mental and physical well-being is better as well.  I call this results and I am looking forward to more as I complete boot camp at gym.”
Lisa M.
”I like St. Cloud gym because it is always new and challenging. A sense of accomplishment comes after completing each WOD. I feel like our coach, Tim, is knowledgable and as interested in our success as we are.
I have noticed more muscle definition than I have ever possessed since starting gym.  I continue to get stronger both mentally and physically. I have become less concerned about aesthetics and more interested in strength, endurance and capability.I keep coming back to gym to see how far I can go! It is exciting to see others obtain goals, get stronger and more confident, too!”
Amber Z.
”I started gym last February. I have to admit I felt pretty nervous about joining. I  heard ‘stories’ about how tough and demanding gym workouts are. I was in decent shape, but wasn’t sure I could keep up with the expectations. I quickly found out I didn’t have to be a rockstar- I just had to show up, work hard, and results came quickly! I was also surprised by how much FUN it is training with other people who have also committed to improving their health and fitness.
The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming, and accepting. The workouts are  challenging and I love pushing myself even farther than I did last week. I am stronger than I have ever been and in the best shape of my life. I can’t imagine ever going back to a ‘regular’ gym.
Bonus fun fact: the coach won’t take it personally if you swear at him after a particularly difficult WOD!”
Kim H.
”First and foremost Coach Tim is awesome; I’ve had a couple different things going on this last year & instead of giving up gym (which made me sad & teary) he worked with me to keep going and I am and always will be grateful!
I’ve been at LevelOne for 2 years now, wow time goes fast! LevelOne is fabulous and I love it. The challenge of the workouts and the camaraderie is nothing like any other place. No workout is the same from day to day which I love. To complete a WOD (workout of the day) makes me feel so good. I am most times exhausted & spent and yet the feeling is euphoric & proud. My 12 year old twin boys often are with me & I hope they want to join me one day in a WOD. Many times I feel like giving up but I don’t and I can truly say I did that!! Size and age mean nothing in gym I’ve come to learn. Ok I’m going to give away my age…never mind…I’m proud of my age & what I do. I’m soon to be 41 and I do the same things as members half my age & still kick butt. Am I first done? No, pretty much never and that’s ok with me now…I always keep in my head though; Dead last finish is better then did not finish which trumps did not start! Not many ladies would do this because they think they can’t.…guess what you can! I still have plenty goals I want to achieve in gym & I know I will get there in time.
Thanks to gym I’m stronger, more tone, happier, healthier & I keep coming back to do “Epic Stuff” & feel proud.”